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Cylinder Blocks

Our rebuilt cylinder blocks go through a thorough 8-step process that provides high quality and product longevity. You won’t find a better-quality re-manufactured block anywhere!

We service Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Waukesha, White Superior and International cylinder blocks. We also maintain a large supply of the most popular castings for immediate exchange in case of emergency.



Process Blocks

Process Blocks

Coastal casting align bores the block or frame and can laser check most blocks or frames. We will give a report showing your alignment results.

Process Blocks

Repairing the Upper and lower O Ring areas

Process on Blocks

Process on blocks

Process on blocks

Block Reconditioning Procedures

1. Full rebuild (Zero Hour)
2. Custom Machine Work
3. Special Instructions

Full Rebuild consists of the following 8 step process:

Step 1: Identify the Block

Each block is identified with a Coastal Casting work order number(usually a 4-5 digit number with the letter”B” at the end). This number is usually near the serial number.

Step 2: Cleaning & Inspection

The block is stripped of any non essential parts and is placed in a caustic soda vat overnight. The unit is then steam cleaned and water jacket sandblasted if necessary. Finally, the block undergoes a comprehensive 100% wet magnaflux inspection by a NDT trained professional.

Step 3: 1st Visual Inspection

A Coastal Casting block specialist will review the entire unit and document any issues that may arise. During this phase of the inspection, our specialist will focus on the integrity of seal areas, decks, water passages and bolt holes.

Step 4: Align Bore Evaluation

During this phase of Coastal Casting’s 8 Step Block Procedure a block specialist will evaluate and document the condition of the cam, main bores, cap fit, thrust, alignment and centerline. Incorrect centerline or over-sized bores are then corrected using the ABS approved spray weld process.

Step 5: Vertical Machine Work

During this phase the decks, liner seat areas and lower seal areas are addressed. Fitted interference inserts are then installed and re-machined true in the original location. We then mill the decks as minimally as absolutely possible in order to achieve acceptable cleanup. If low decks are identified they can be corrected using the METCO spray weld process. All areas are machined in accordance with the factory re-manufactured guidelines.

Step 6: Detailing

The block is then thoroughly cleaned, all gaskets are polished and the unit receives a final wash.

Step 7: Final Inspection

At this stage, a comprehensive inspection is performed on all vital elements and dimensional readings are recorded to verify unit accuracy. We then create a final report that is to be stored on file with CCS and issued alongside the block during final delivery. An optional laser alignment report can also be obtained in most cases. If a laser alignment report is requested, one of Coastal Casting’s certified Ludeca Laser System operators will perform all necessary testing and reporting.

Step 8: Paint, Crate, & Shrink Wrap

Once the block has passed our rigorous inspection process it is painted, preserved, packaged in a crate with a sturdy 2×4 base and a 1×12 top that covers the decks, banded and shrink wrapped.

Custom Machine Work

Custom machine works usually consist of first 5 steps of the rebuild process and we repair only what is not serviceable.

Special Instructions

Special Instructions apply only when the customer has dictated what needs to be repaired. The customer will be fully responsible for the condition and the integrity of the block in all other areas that we will not be focusing on. However, if we happen to notice something else, we will bring it to the attention of the customer at once. We are not responsible for any charges that are involved if we should, for example, be completed with the align bore job that we were instructed to perform and then find a crack elsewhere in the block. Most likely, if the block would need welding, then the align bore would require more attention afterwards, which would be of considerable more expense to the customer.

We are glad to perform any of the details as outlined above. We communicate thoroughly with the customer regarding both Special Machine Work and Special Instructions. We want to achieve customer satisfaction and, in the event of Special Machine Work or Special Instructions, many questions may be necessary to make sure you can visualize what we understand you to want. Zero Hour is the easiest for us because there is no window for misinterpretation, but we understand that not all jobs call for the attention that is required to render Zero Hours.

We can supply you with the best rebuilt blocks or the best custom work available. We are able to do this by quality control. quality control and more quality control. Note in the step-by-step procedures the different steps that we take to check and double check.
It is our goal to supply components that are ready to install. Brand “X” components usually require much attention from the mechanic to “make it work”. Not ours – just wash off the preservative, insure that oil galleys are clean, install all plugs in the proper places and build your engine. Our components can be assembled as if they were new. Your mechanics will recognize the ease of assembly and appreciate this aspect of our work. You will recognize longevity that properly reconditioned blocks have to offer.







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