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Our companies specialize in new replacement and re-manufactured components for Caterpillar, Waukesha, Detroit, Superior, Cooper-Bessemer, Ingersoll Rand, Ajax, EMD and other marine and industrial engines and equipment.

Coastal Combustion

Coastal Combustion provides industry leading power valves, power valve springs, and valve keepers…

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Coastal Casting

Coastal Casting specializes in new and exchanged Industrial heads, head gasket kits, blocks for repair and exchange, crankshafts for new or exchange, Caterpillar connecting rods & engine oil coolers for exchange….

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Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle offers a quality selection of power valve seats, guides and seals. …

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Cylinder Blocks

We buy cylinder blocks for most CAT AND WAUKESHA engines, including: CAT 342-379-398-399–3412 – 3408B- 3204 -3508-3512-3516-3606-3608-3612-3616 WAUKESHA 7042-7044- 1905-1197


Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads CAT 3304- 3306- 3412 N/S, 3408 N/S, G3500, G3520, 342- G3600 WAUKESHA 7042GSI- 7042GL- 7044 N/S AND 1197-…



We buy crankshafts for most CAT, WAUKESHA,  engines, including: 3412, 3408, 3508, 3512, 3516, 342, 353, 3600, WAUKESHA 7042, 7044,…



We’re always in the market for housings and cases to rebuild, especially: 14E, 12F, 120, 140 motorgrader transfer gear case…