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As with all of our engine components, The Coastal Group takes great pride in our re-manufactured crankshafts and Camshafts. Complete adherence to specifications and thorough quality control inspections assure our customer of trouble-free operation.

Our completely re-manufactured crankshafts and Camshafts offer:

  • Specifications that meet or exceed industry standards
  • Bearing surfaces, oil seal areas and all key ways that are completely re-manufactured
  • Careful detailing of oil holes with meticulous attention to radius, profile and micro finish
  • Thorough magnetic particle inspection
  • Life cycles and warranties that meet or exceed industry standards

Call for rebuilt crankshaft or Camshaft for:

  • Caterpillar
  • Waukesha
  • Detroit

Caterpillar 3600 Crankshaft

Cat 3600 Crankshaft

Our crankshafts are another example of our dedication to product quality and cost effectiveness!
Exchanges available upon request.Our rebuilt to standard crankshafts carry a full 6 month warranty. Call for pricing!

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